Hello World 🌍

September 20, 2018


Hello World 🌎 - I would like to introduce myself a bit in this first article. My name is Gil. I’m an Analyst πŸ“Š in Chicago, IL. I graduated undergrad at Xavier University in Cincinnati Ohio, and am currently on the path to completing my Masters in Business Analytics with a focus in Data Science. In my past roles, I was a Digital Growth Consultant, Marketing Developer, and Community Engagement Coordinator. These roles involved helping people while assisting the bottom line and coming equipped with skills such as mastery of Excel MS suite, SQL, and various distributions of SQL. I also have experience in Project management, Python analysis and development, and R statistical analysis. I have been an open-source contributor since 2017. Currently, I’m a contributor to Kaggle and a few projects on Github.

The World Wide Web 🌐 had fascinated me for a very long time. I used to love to break apart computers and mix-match parts to see if I could get them working again. I learned marketing in school but quickly realized how the landscape has changed to studying the web and its behavior. This will help transform the way people buy, where they buy it and I strongly believe the world of Data Analytics is going to transform the world to better our future. Currently, many πŸ•ΈοΈ web apps behave more like mobile πŸ“± apps. They create real-time data, from which real time analytics emerged. In the present, we are seeing a revolution of how analytics is transforming the web-based on feedback and performance. Not only then will we get a better picture of the ecosystem, but this mass of information will help make more accurate predictions, create necessary services, and continue to innovate the data landscape.

Things changed in the year 2012 and my fascination with programming increased and in the year 2014, I started programming the Web. Today I’m a Technical Analyst πŸ‘¨πŸ½β€πŸ’» working with multiple technologies and complex projects from concept to completion. Currently, I work with mostly Python, Excel, and SQL. I’m open to discussions on these various technologies. I will try to update my blog as much as possible so that many of you can get an idea of the latest trends and technology!

Written by Gil B. who lives and works as an analyst building and studying useful things. Always seeking challenges, he has experience in Google Data Studio, Excel, SQL, and Python.

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Gil B.